Denka ACP


DENKA ACP can be applied either as coatings for interior walls, roofs, plapfon, etc. as well as exteriors of buildings, such as curtain wall, apartments, gas stations, banks, etc..

Type DENKA ACP consists of two types, namely types Polyester (PE) which is widely used for the interior, and the type of PVDF (Poly Vinyl De Fluoride) are commonly used in the exterior, because this type hold any kind of weather, so the layers of color can survive much longer than other types of Polyester. Colors DENKA ACP is also highly variable and can be adjusted to the condition of the building, ranging from silver, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, etc. available place kami.Dengan diverse thicknesses ranging from 3mm s / d 4mm.dan course with quality-tested. DENKA ACP is the right solution to make the building into a more exclusive and elegant