Laminated glass

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D’Glass or Laminated Glass is a product advised to be used for interior designs both in offices or houses. Available in different colours and patterns, D’Glass installation is sure to bring a warm and vibrant atmosphere to your room for a change from the dull white plain walls!

What distinguishes D'Glass is that it is the result of compressing two sheets of glass together, with a separating sheet of vynl, film, or basically anything you want to decorate your room with.

Not only does it look refreshingly different, another benefit of using D’Glass is that it has the same characteristic as safety glass -- keeping people safe from the possible harm if it is broken, as the glass pieces will still be kept intact by the interlayer separating sheet.


Type: Dried Flowers 

Laminated Glass can be designed using leaves or dried flowers to suit your taste and preference. This gives your room a more natural feel and also allows you to be creative by designing the glass yourself!


Type: Textile 

Laminated Glass can also be combined with textile materials or even paintings! It will be like a framed picture you could cover the whole wall with, and without the thick, space-consuming and complicated frame.