altGlass is one of the elements of the architecture that we often see around us. glass is a substance and fragile, and also an amorphous solid.Because the glass material made of amorphous materials that can melt easily.


How does the process of glass?

Glass is enguraian decomposition compounds - inorganic compound which has undergone cooling without crystallization. The main component of glass is silica. In real life - the day the glass is used as a mirror, heat insulator, equipment - laboratory equipment, decor and room divider.

According to Adams and Williamson, glass is the amorphous material at normal temperature has a severe form, but when heated, will eventually mellow, according to the temperature increase and eventually be condensed to achieve fluidity. During the cooling process occurs berkebalikan process of glass melting process. Glass possesses that is resistant to chemicals, effective as an electric insulator, can withstand vacuum. In addition to having these properties, glass is a brittle material and resistant to impact. Resource